A way to make your study session more Effective

The technique am gona write about today is named as Feynman technique, most of you must have known about this technique if you came across problems in studying and you searched  “how to study effectively?” in Youtube because we have plenty of videos regarding Feynman technique. Even I came to know about Feynman technique after facing the same situation. Not only Feynman technique but also there are many videos regarding effectiveness of studies.. But of all i tried this was the most effective one for me. Better you try it too.

This technique is named after a physicist Richard Feynman. he is a scientist and a noble prize winner in 1965. apart from scientist he is also a great teacher and a great Explainer. In fact one of his nickname was “A Great Explainer”. As he was able to break down incredibly complex compound and explain it simply to others.

Just kidding even though it cost you time. After you see the results it will be worth it.

It consist of 4 simple steps. So lets get into steps without further delaying,

1st Step – Write down the heading which you studied previously, or the lesson which you wanted to become thorough. start studying the notes.

2nd Step – Write the the things you learned, under the heading or else explain it to someone else using your own simple language. No any complex words should be used which you came across when studying. Explaining it or Writing it helps you to identify how much you understood waht you studied.

3rd Step – Revise the areas again which you came across difficulty when trying to express the noted in your own words.

4th Step – Pin point any complicated Terms and challenge yourself to simplify them. most important thing follow this step until you get the prior knowledge in the relevant lesson.

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