What is the best time to visit Dubai, United Arab Emirates for new Job opportunity

I have seen some people come to Dubai for a new job opportunity during the summer period. There is no issue, but the possibility to get new job opportunity in the winter season and there are several reasons you should visit Dubai during Winter to get a new job.

The climate in the UAE          

Due to the climate in the Winter season, you will not get any trouble traveling and in the summer period you will sweat too much and it will be difficult to travel long distances, but in UAE all Public Transportation is air conditioned including bus stops. so far it does not default but recommended to visit UAE for a job during winter time.

Business Plan and Year-end  

Secondly, Most of the companies start the business plan during November and December so there will be a higher number of chances, a company may open a new branch or new projects during the business plan so it means you have a chance to find a new job.

UAE Holidays and Vacations

Also during the summer season most of the company owners, GMs, and higher managers may go on vacation, Due to that the process of in taking employees may delay. It is very less when we compare with the Winter seasons. During Summer most of the schools are closed especially during the Ramadan. 
Above stated 3 important things should be considered if you are visiting Dubai in search of a job. After analyzing I have found that recruiting process happens every day in Dubai. But it is a bit higher in the winter season when compared with summer. I recommend you to visit in the winter season if you are interested to get an opportunity.

Which UAE Visit Visa is best for JOB seeker in Dubai(UAE).

I recommend to take 90 days tourist visa and normally hiring process will take around 15-20 day and before that the interview process takes around 10-20 days and it depends on the company procedure and for your safety, it is better to get 90 days to visit visa/Tourist Visa.
To get the visit visa in the UAE, the best options is to find someone who lives in the UAE and request them to apply for the visa and it is easy and fast. It will be better if you request from your family member or friends.

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