Which company you should apply if you are new to Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Which company you should apply if you are new to Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) 

There are lots of company in the UAE, you can apply whenever you visit first time to the UAE. But I am going to recommend you five best companies in the UAE you should apply if you want to get a better experience and job market. This is from my experience and knowledge I am giving this information. If you get a chance to join one of this company in the UAE and your career profile will give you a good advantage. 

1 Sharf DG (Sharf Group)2 Sun and Sand Sport 3 APPAREL GROUP4 The Kanoo Group5 Etisalat Emirates Telecommunications Group Co (Etisalat) Market capitalization

Sharaf DG 

(Sharaf Group)

Sharaf DG is the most popular retail company in the UAE, you can ask anybody who lives in  Dubai about Sharaf DG then they will suggest applying, it is one of the famous companies in Dubai. This is the reason am recommending Sharaf DG in the 1st place. Sharf DG is one of Sharf Group’s company Since its inception in 2005, Sharaf DG has come a long way and achieved many milestones to become one of the leading powerhouse retailers in the region. UAE’s first ever Big-Box concept started its journey as a 15,000 sq ft electronics store in Dubai. The brand’s perseverance and hard work have paid off with 33 stores in United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Qatar & Oman today and more in the offing. Subsequent to a merger in 2010 with our sister company, Sharaf DG now has formats such as DG4U and DG+ to add on to the Sharaf DG basket. While Sharaf DG4U stores are concept stores, smaller than the traditional large-scale DG outlets and designed to stock only the fastest moving models across all electronic and IT product categories, DG+ boutiques, on the other hand, are chic and sophisticated stores catering to luxury lifestyle seekers.
find more about Sharf DG in the link: https://uae.sharafdg.com/about-sharaf-dg/
Find Sharf DG Job opportunity in the link: https://uae.sharafdg.com/careers/

Sun and Sand Sport

Since starting out in 1979, Sun & Sand Sports has hit a number of milestones to achieve the status of leading sports retailer in the Middle East. From the launch of its first sports store in Al Ghurair, to sponsoring the UAE’s most successful football team: Al Ain FC, it is through a passion for sports and fitness that SSS will motivate you to step up your game with the world’s best high-performance and stylish sportswear and accessories brands. There is great power in sport — it inspires us to be the best versions of ourselves, whether played individually or as a team. At Sun & Sand Sports, we continue to evolve and innovate as we progress through our journey. We champion a strong active culture across the Middle East with our growing portfolio of the world’s most loved sports, fitness and lifestyle brands. We can guarantee that every product we sell is 100% genuine as we work directly with each brand.

Job opportunity in the link:https://en-ae.sssports.com/careers


Apparel Group is a global fashion and lifestyle retail conglomerate residing at the crossroads of the modern economy – Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Today, the Apparel Group caters to thousands of eager shoppers through its more than 1750+ stores and 75+ brands, employing 12,000 multicultural staff covering four continents.
Apparel group has carved its strong presence not only in the UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, and Saudi Arabia but opened thriving gateways to market in India, South Africa, Poland, Singapore, Jordan, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia. Additionally, clear strategies are in place to enter emerging markets such as Hungary, Pakistan, Egypt and Philippines.

Job opportunity in the link:https://appareluae.com/career/index.html

The Kanoo Group

The Kanoo Group, a UAE-based diversified business conglomerate, one of the largest independent, family-owned group of companies in the Gulf region with business activities across the world’s most dynamic industries from Shipping, Travel, Holidays, Machinery, Engineering, Oil & Gas, Power & Industrial Projects to Exhibition services, Courier Services, Logistics, Specialty Chemicals and Business Centers and other retail and commercial activities.


Job opportunity in the link:http://www.kanoogroup.com/career.html

Etisalat Emirates Telecommunications Group Co (Etisalat) Market capitalization

etisalat has deployed many innovative technologies and services to remain at the leading edge of customer experience.
etisalat’s senior leaders understands the need to continue its investments in building the networks of the future because the positive effects filter down to the rest of the economy. Today, the UAE boasts of an excellent telecoms ecosystem, capable of driving successes across industries and sectors.

Job opportunity in the link:https://www.etisalat.ae/en/careers.jsp

Hope the article will be useful for ones who are expecting to work in U.A.E.

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