Office repeatedly prompts you to activate on a new windows 10 OS

Nowadays new PCs or Laptops come with Windows 10 already installed. so when we try to install office manually you might be prompted with a Let’s get started screen each time, when you start Office.
First, uninstall existing office which arrives with Windows 10 and installs the office version you wish for. But you need to follow the below steps to resolve the problem we stated above “Let’s get started”

If this message appears even after activating the MS Office version you installed. follow the below stated method and your problem will be solved.

or below error will appear if the system is not connected to the internet.
Let’s try that again

The first thing to do is go to regedit.exe Go to “Run” and type regedit.exe


Once you got into the regedit.exe section, follow the below path and take the backup by clicking export.


Once you took the backup delete the OEM.

After deleting it go to other OEM folder in below path

Same as the above export the OEM in the path and delete. now you have to restart the system and check.

The message will not appear. Enjoy.

Note – This will only get rid of the annoying notification. it will not activate your office package.


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