Meditation The Habit Of Success


I read many articles and watch videos of successful people, Most of them have few habits in common. I am going to write about one of those habits today, by experimenting myself. As you all know it is Meditation.

Meditation is a form of exercise for your Brain. It helps to maintain the health of your brain and even it protects from heart diseases, which were caused due to stress.

How to Meditate?

It is simple. Sit in a comfortable place, close your eyes and focus your mind on one thing, for example you breath. But the problem is, It is not simple as these words. But it isn’t difficult to master either, If your are willing to practice it. Focus is one of the hardest thing that everyone face, that is because our mind got used to wandering like a wind. You will be able To control your mind once you master the meditation.

Where can you meditate?

You can meditate anywhere, even in your bed. Don’t try meditating while lying on the bed, trust me I tried it and fell asleep. but I thing that’s a good way to get into sleep if you are facing sleep deprivation. make your place comfortable but not too comfortable.

I am not a mediator at all so i wanted to try it in my life. I experimented my life for 5 days with meditation. So let me share my experience.

Day 1 – I started meditating In my Bed, Seated with crossed legs and straighten my back parallel to the wall. Timing play a vital role. My first session of meditation was 3 mins. It is a bit harder to focus on my breath, Because every single thought comes to my  mind when I start to meditate. I tried my best to get my focus back every single time. My mind wandered around the world within 3 mins. Within the same day I went for 2nd session of 7 mins. I felt the same things which I felt in my first session of mediation. When I analyze my effectiveness on mediation I get only 30 secs focused over the 10 min mediation. I think that is not bad for the first day. so I went for day 2.

Day 2 – On day 1, I mediated for 10 mins. Breaking it to 2 session 3mins and 7 mins respectively ;). On day 2, i went for a 12 min single session. But my mom called me for dinner in the middle, so again it turned into 2 sessions. but i felt it more easier to sit in the same place and focus on my breath even with more distraction than day 1. Not much but a little bit. Even a single second of improvement is improvement. Change takes time. You cant get a habit overnight. I can stay in the same place for hours, when I am playing or using my mobile phone, but here the situation is different

Day 3 – I went for 15 mins straight single session on day 3. I had so many distraction of sounds around me, so i wanted to try something different. I took my phone with earphones plugged and went on with calming music’s. You can get plenty of music’s freely online. Just google mediation music. For many of you guys music may seem distractive. But when compared to the environment sound I think music is better. There are some uncomfortable music’s too, so choose wisely which suits your preference.

Day 4 – Didn’t go well. I tried mediating early in the morning at around 5 30 a.m. The environment is pin drop silenced. This is one of the best situation to meditate, but I fell asleep. I am not an early bird at all but trying to become one.

Day 5 – This was the last day of my meditation experiment. But am hoping to continue for few more days to identify more benefits. this will be the last day I write about. I tried a new method, one of my friends’ suggestion. Which is using a voice guide. We have plenty of free mediation guide application which will guide you through the meditating process.

Find out your own way, Which suits you best. So finally, what are the things improved in these 5 days.

  • Able to get better sleep than before
  • Able to focus on one thing. (currently breath, will be testing my concentration in the future).
  • Last but not least I was able to calm my mind and sit in one place for longer period without doing anything.

These are the simple physical changes I noticed in just 5 days. May be there could have been rewiring changes happened in my Brain.

Everyone will not feel the same changes which I felt. so try to find your own. Let me know your meditation experience in the comments below. If you feel your experience would inspire others, its our pleasure to share it in our page. forward you article to our mail.


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