How to use Linux on Windows 10 as a Subsystem – WSL2

Windows Subsystem For Linux mean running Linux on windows OS and with complete support from Linux kernel

This is one of good features for those who wanted to use Linux for programming and network automation with python, specially for network engineers.

In this article I am going to help you to enable this feature in Microsoft windows 10

Step 1
Open the control panel >> Programs and Features >> Turn Windows features on or off

Step 2
Find “Windows Subsystem for Linux” and “Windows Hypervisor Platform” Tice the check box and click OK. For reference see the below attached photo. This process will enable WSL 2 feature and you need to restart your PC to complete process.

Step 3
Once the restarting has been completed, open the Microsoft store and search the Linux version you would like to use and install. In my case i am going on with Ubuntu.

Step 4
Once the Installation has been completed, you can ca launch it as normally as an application. it will take some time to start

Next step would be to



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