Hey everyone. Most of my articles are related to self-improvement. And this article is related to self-prevention. I have also written an article on ‘how to motivate yourself’, if you have not checked it yet you may check it by clicking HERE. Without further delay lets get into those topics.

  1. Perfectionism

People commonly make the mistake of thinking that you have to do things perfectly to be productive, but perfectionism often hurts your work far more than it helps. Most of the time perfectionism has nothing to do with how much you actually care about your work instead it comes from a fear of failure. You work overtime to make sure every little detail is absolutely perfect because you’re scared that your work isn’t going to be good enough if you leave it as is. The time and effort you wasted reviewing the same details over and over could have been used to finish the entire project and get started on a new one. Perfectionism can also affect the quality of your work because of the unrealistic Situations. if you were expecting to do something perfectly and it doesn’t work out, you might mentally give up on the project. From then onward you might only put in minimal effort. Focus on doing enough to simply complete a project even if it isn’t the quality that you wanted. let’s say you’re trying to write a book, all you’ve written over the last month is a single page, because you keep going back to edit and change every tiny detail. That one page might be absolutely amazing but someone who is focused on completing, instead of perfecting would have already had 50 pages done by the month. You get the hard work out of the way by completing the bulk of the project first, so that you can go back and change the small stuff afterwards. Even When I write articles, I use to follow the same process, not only it motivates me but also i can feel that I have improved my writing skill day to day. You would have noticed it, if you have followed through my previous articles.

2. Comparing yourself with others

Comparisons are unhealthy in all sorts of ways from lowering yourself-esteem to ruining your relationships. It often stops you from taking important steps toward your goal. When it comes to motive and productivity, comparisons leaves you feeling insecure or intimidated by all the people who are doing better than you. Don’t make the mistake of belittling your own aspirations just because you don’t have as much money, confidence or authority as someone else has. If they have something you want, try to figure out how they got there then. Plan out how you can do the same thing, there’s nothing wrong with learning from people you admire as long as you don’t let their successes stand in the way of your own

3. Waiting to for the perfect time to start

It is one of the easy, common and effective forms of procrastination. imagine you have to work on a huge project, you know it’s going to take you at least 3 or 4 hours so your plan is to sit down and knock it out in one sitting, but then you realize you’re getting hungry so you decide to wait until after lunch to get started, then after lunch you remember that you forgot to do a couple works so you tell yourself that you’ll get to work right after you finish those. Finally you end up doing the same thing over and over until there isn’t any time left in the day to get your work done, if this sounds like you, it’s crucial that you start establishing a routine that will force you to start and stop working at the same time every day. Overtime your body and mind will get so used to working on a schedule that you won’t feel the need to procrastination

4. Allowing distractions

Do you make a habit of leaving the TV switched on while you work or maybe you like to do homework while your friends are around? This might sound like more entertaining ways to get some boring work done but they can be harmful for your motivation and productivity like multitasking. These distractions force your mind to try to concentrate on two or more things at once, but they actually take things one step further if you’ve made a habit of being lazy or unmotivated. Then your mind is going to be searching for ways to avoid working when you leave the TV switched on. You’re giving your mind an excuse to prioritize something easy and fun while ignoring the stuff that’s hard. You might be thinking what if I just don’t look at the TV or turn the volume down, unfortunately it isn’t that easy. the average person’s mind tends to wander anywhere between twenty and forty percent of the time, even when we’re giving our full potential, 100% of your attention on one thing can take years of practice and self-discipline. So it’s pretty likely that your mind is going to wander at least a little bit. When it does you will be much more vulnerable to distractions. So if you hear your friends talking about something funny in the background you’ll end up paying more attention to them than the work you’re supposed to be doing. This is why so many people prefer to work in libraries or while wearing soundproof headphones. the more you can isolate yourself from these distractions the more productive and motivated you will be

5. Agreeing for everything

You might be having trouble staying motivated because you’re so focused on doing what everybody else wants you to do. it means you’re neglecting your own goals, but don’t be surprised when you end up with less time for your own projects when you agree to help someone. You’re not just committing to an hour or two of work for them. you’re giving up valuable time, effort and thought. You’re putting them on your to-do list and letting their work crown your brain which leaves less space for the things you need to do for yourself. so to make sure you stay motivated and focused learn how and when to disagree. It can be challenging to overcome the social pressures to help people when they ask you for it, but they will respect you more if you’re open and honest about your priorities. Learning to say no also has the added bonus of fostering confidence and self-assurances. Don’t be afraid to let people know that you value your own time.


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