How to use Cisco AnyConnect VPN – Enterprise Guide

Once Cisco AnyConnect installed in the system go to start and type “cisco AnyConnect secure mobility client” and open the application.


Note: If you can’t find “Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility” Download and  install the “Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility” you can ask your company helpdesk to provide a support on installing the application.

You can see below Cisco AnyConnect VPN window and past the link that provided by your company IT/Helpdesk as below.

Note: the URL is case sensitive so copy the same URL that your company provided to you and past same as below and click connect.

Click connect.

If you encounter above error it mean your company URL is not updated with SSL certification but no worries your still connect to the VPN by changing below setting. 

Click “Change Setting” and below window will show.

Under preferences tab. uncheck the “Block connections to untrusted servers” and close the window and connect the VPN

You will get below window and click “Connect Anyway”

Type your username and password.

Again security warning will come and click “Connect Anyway” to continue.

All done.

you will see the status as below.


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