How to prepare yourself to achieve success, mentally.

Every person in this universe aims to achieve success in one way or the other. The definition of success however might be different for each individual. In the same way, each individual has their mental attitude, personality, and life habits that are the key factors of determining success in one’s life.
Success is most of the time misinterpreted as an aim or goal. According to psychologists and life coaches, it is a never-ending journey of consistent and ongoing milestones. So, if you’re thinking of becoming successful, achieving some temporary or short term goals might deceive you from knowing the worth of true success, which is not as simple as how it looks.
But, achieving success isn’t impossible too. There are real-life examples of successful people who are ordinary human beings just as you are, with some extraordinary life habits and an impressive mental attitude. What makes them different from us? Can we become the same as they are?
Definitely yes, just with the right mental attitude and the right habits and practices complying with this attitude, you can become successful too. Let’s see how:

How to prepare yourself to achieve success, mentally.

You might think why is preparation important to success? Well, as every crucial task needs preparation as the first step, success as well can be achieved only if we are prepared for it. As they say, it all starts from within. Success isn’t something that can happen overnight or someone will give it to you. It is something that you have to strive for and earn it. Where to start?

⦁ Start believing in yourself

How to be prepared for success? Firstly, If you’re negative about yourself, change it immediately. You can’t see successful people with a negative impression of their own. Negativity never grows success. So, the first thing you need to change is your perception of yourself.

⦁ Apply the self-actualization principle

By doing so, you’ll be able to realize the positive and negative attributes of your personality. This will make you realize what your strong points are and what your weak points are. You have to retain the strong points and work to improve the weak points. This is also called the self-realization principle where you realize your current state and your potential state.

⦁ Know your personality type

This is sometimes confused by people for self-actualization but it’s a different concept. Here you’re not assessing the strong and weak points rather you are trying to figure out your personality orientation or personality type. For example, let yourself know if you have
⦁ Introvert personality or Extrovert Personality.
⦁ Thinking personality or a feeling personality
⦁ Sensing personality or Intuitive personality
⦁ Judging personality or Perceiving personality

Based on these 4 contrasting pairs of traits, psychologists have defined 16 personality types based on the mixture of these traits. For example: A person with Introvert trait, thinking trait, sensing trait and, judging trait is considered a personality type who’s responsible and executer. This whole system of identifying the personality type with these characteristics is called the Myers Briggs Personality Type Indicator (MBTI).
After your personality type is known, different careers are generally suitable for these personality types, respectively. It can also help you in defining goals and aims for your life that is according to your personality type, achievable and realistic

⦁ Mold your comfort zone

You might have heard hundreds of times that the only way to make a difference is to break your comfort zone and work hard. But, it isn’t that simple. Comfort zone isn’t breakable and this is something which has been built for years because of your habits so it isn’t that easy to break and start a new life.
The best alternative, in this case, is to mold and alter it in such a way that you are still in your comfort zone but your comfort parameters have changed. If a person likes to relax and watch television and is habitual of that, you can’t tell him to leave all that and start working. But, what you can do is you can convince him to watch meaningful content on television and gradually mold his comfort zone from watching television to work or earn money or do something meaningful

⦁ Define your goals

Defining goals won’t necessarily make you successful or change your life at once but it is going to make you adopt habits that are the prerequisites of success. Do some mind-mapping about what you want to achieve and what way you are going to adopt to do these achievements. Since defining goals is the first part of starting your journey to success, it gives you a guiding map about what to do, and how to do it. That is why preparation is important to success.

⦁ Self-motivation

Once you’re done with defining your goals, you always need the motivation to make things happen. And motivation is broadly classified into two categories i.e.
⦁ External Motivation
⦁ Internal Motivation
External motivation is necessary at times and pushes you to do something but it is temporary and can give you a kick start. However, a motivation that comes from within is the strongest push and gives the whole concept and worth of your aims and the energy to achieve them. This internal motivation is also powered by your mind but it is difficult to trigger and needs some hard work. But it doesn’t mean that it can’t be done.
You can trigger it by the following things:

  • Read success stories
  • Develop healthy habits
  • Make a good daily routine
  • Read self-development books daily
  • Think about your goals daily
  • Always dream bigger
  • Make small social contributions

Following is the story of a man who prepared himself to achieve success mentally and let’s see where he is;
This story is of a person who was born in New York and raised in Dobbs Ferry. This kid was interested in programming and developing computer programs and because of that his parents got him a teacher who taught him programming and he built a messaging application in high school and after that enrolled himself in Harvard. There he also developed computer applications and introduced them to the University but the university banned one of his applications claiming that it was no appropriate. However, this young boy did not lose. He was sure of his skills and made up his mind to be successful. He built another application and the program became successful with more and more people joining in and showing interest. He was motivated, mentally prepared, and focused and that’s the reason, his application today has 2.5 billion users worldwide. The name of the program is Facebook and the name of the creator is Mark Zuckerberg.

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